Friday, February 8, 2019

Box Critters Experiment One is Open for Beta!

Currently just dusting off the cobwebs on my blogging skills.... but here we go 🙉

Hey guys! Lebron Jr 23 here and I have some very exciting news all about Box Critters. Today, the new game from RSnail officially opened and with a bang. Box Critters has entered full beta mode and the server was so full that the game has already crashed. Don't worry though, the server was quickly repaired and things were once again running smooth.

This beta allowed hamster critters to hop around and mingle in this new and beautifully designed room. The extent of this beta was testing out multi-player login and functionality. Experiment one, as RSnail is calling it. Nothing beyond that should be judged at this point as we are very early in the testing phase.
Box Critters Open for Beta Experiment one - Club Penguin Rsnail Rocketsnail
Back to the room.. I have to say that this room looks very similar to the old Club Penguin Lighthouse! Something about this room holds a very similar vibe, almost combined with the coffee shop, but you can tell me if you agree.
It should come as no surprise that a lot of design elements will resemble Club Penguin as Rocketsnail has tapped into old Club Penguin talent and designers to help bring this new game to life! I think it is safe to say that Rsnail will have the full support of the Club Penguin community with this venture. I am very excited to see where Box Critters goes over the course of the next few weeks. Something tells me that we are in for a lot of fun with this one!
This beta was exclusive to the Box Critters Discord chat. If you would like to join, I will leave the join link below. Since this login, official emails for those that signed up for the Box Critters beta test have also been sent. If you signed up, check your inbox!

Leave some comments! It's great to be back and I'm excited to bring you guys new and fresh blogging content once again. I'll be your source for all of the latest Box Critters Cheats, News, Guides, Tips and much more!

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- Lebron Jr 23


  1. I was there! I'm standing behind the counter, I'm called Tisell. :D

  2. Awesome! It was super cool having this beta test. What are you most looking forward to next?

  3. Those aren't event cheats..

  4. I've been following Box Critters. Pretty neat.